Article on leadership of Dearneside Fabrications

The impact of effective leadership in construction

Today we’re looking at how the leadership of our company has affected our success within the construction and fabrications industry.

In this blog, we speak to Simon, Bob and Michael to hear their thoughts on how they believe Dearneside’s management has impacted staff retention, job satisfaction and overall company success.

Simon Hill, Health & Safety Manager

Time at Dearneside: 13 years


As Health and Safety Manager, Simon is an integral part of our operations here at Dearneside, ensuring that our environment is not just adequate, but exceptional in standards of health, safety and compliance. In addition to this, Simon is also involved in the recruitment and retention of our apprentices, helping them find a smooth transition into the Dearneside team.

“Working for a company that takes on young people and gives them great careers in construction makes me incredibly proud – and even prouder when we won the 2020 Apprentice of the Year award!

Having been with Dearenside for 13 years, Simon finds that it’s the leadership here that really sets us apart within the sector.

“We’re not faceless at Dearneside, we’re like a family really. Our Managing Director, Paul, has invested a lot in the training of the team, the machinery and equipment, as well as supporting us through crises like the recession and covid. 

In believing in us, we have been able to thrive because we believe in us, too.”

Bob Brodie, Senior Contracts Manager

Time at Dearneside: 12 years


Bob came to Dearneside just over 12 years ago, already aware of the company’s successful reputation and looking to gain that kind of security in his next role.

As Senior Contracts Manager, Bob oversees our projects and manages the wider contracts department. Working as a team is something that Bob really values about Dearneside, not just within his department but company-wide, too.

“We’ve got a great set of colleagues here and our teamwork is something that really helps knit everything together in our work.”

Overall, Bob believes that this environment would not be possible without the strong leadership of Dearneside.

From the very top, it’s very well organised at Dearneside. We’re all on the same page, pulling in the same direction. It sounds simple but without this, communication would be lost within the team and our work wouldn’t flow in the way it does.”

Michael Bower, Works Manager

Time at Dearneside: 11 years


Michael’s role involves the overseeing of our workforce here at Dearneside, liaising with directors and all of our departments along the way.

Initially, Michael came to Dearneside after hearing of our business’ great ambition, particularly that of our Managing Director, Paul.

“Dearneside just left an impression on me that it wasn’t an opportunity I’d want to miss.”

Over the 11 plus years of working here now, Michael has been able to see the business and its environment grow and evolve year on year.

“I feel privileged to have been part of building our culture here at Dearneside, but I know that it wouldn’t have been possible without Paul’s support, too.

I’ve worked in environments where this kind of leadership and direction hasn’t been invested and it just doesn’t work. The truth is, when someone believes in you, it trickles down.