Celebrating 30 years of Dearneside Fabrications

The secret to retaining staff in the construction industry

Continuing the month-long celebrations of our 30th anniversary, this week we’re spotlighting some of our longest-standing employees here at Dearneside Fabrications.

Working in the construction industry can be challenging, especially considering the high staff turnover rates of around 20% – much higher than most other industries where the average rate is just 10%. At Dearneside, we recognise this importance and, thinking of our 30 year anniversary this year, understand that without our staff retention, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Investing in our workforce is one thing, but creating an inviting, exciting and healthy working culture in construction is another. In this article, we chat with Marco, Richard and Danny, each who have been at Dearneside for between 14-25 years, to hear their thoughts on the company’s stand-out retention rates.

Marco Giove, Store Manager

Time at Dearneside: 25 years


Joining the team over 25 years ago, Marco has practically been at Dearneside since the very beginning. In his role as Store Manager, he is an invaluable resource of knowledge and support to the wider Dearneside team; overseeing all things such as deliveries, liaising with contract managers and visiting our sites.

For Marco, working at Dearneside has always just been a no-brainer. Ever since joining almost three decades ago, he’s always felt at home here.

“Before joining the Dearneside team I’d already heard great things about the company, and especially about Paul, the Managing Director. His door is always open – and that makes a huge difference to our working environment.”

Aside from this reputation and working culture, Marco was also (and still is!) drawn to Dearneside because of job security and satisfaction.

“There’s always plenty of work at Dearneside, I think that’s another thing that makes it a great place. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve seen the business grow from strength to strength, from working on small sites to now working on large projects, such as Battersea Power Station. 

There’s just never a dull moment, we get to work on great things, with the best equipment and training – and the boss always has a time for chat.”


Richard Berry, Drawing Office Manager

Time at Dearneside: 20 years


Richard, Drawings Office Manager will have been at Dearneside for an incredible 20 years in October. His role is another critical cog in the Dearneside machine; drawing and designing for our projects’ clients, fabricators and architects.

Having always been in this sector of the industry, Richard decided to join Dearneside, similarly to Marco, because of its great reputation. After being recommended by a friend, Richard had a chat with Paul, Managing Director, and the rest is history.

“I’ve always felt that Dearneside offers you a better future. Its projects are always getting bigger and better, making it a really inspiring place to work. Here, I can honestly say that I like my job, and I know I’m valued.”

For Richard, this value comes from having the very best investment in equipment and technology, as well as working with a collaborative team where everyone chips in to help.

“I’m not just a number at Dearneside, it’s very inclusive and sociable here – which I think is quite a rarity in the construction sector. 

That kind of culture, I believe, is what’s led us to our success.”

Danny Wainwright, Site Manager

Time at Dearneside: 14 years


Danny works as Site Manager at Dearneside, organising our projects on-site, solving problems and working alongside clients.

Prior to joining the team, Danny worked at a different construction company, but knew he wanted a change. So, he decided to give Dearneside a go, first joining the team as a Site Supervisor, before being promoted into his current management role.

Danny’s now been with our team for over 14 years, accrediting the working environment as the reason for staying.

“They always give us more than expected here at Dearneside, supporting us through everything like covid, and providing us with the very best technology and access to training.

There’s also a real sense of drive here, we’re always busy with new and exciting projects. That kind of ambition is infectious.”